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Camper Registration Form

Camper Registration Form

Camper Registration Form

About us

ESTA is an international sport and educational center, located in the heart of sunny Florida, beautiful city of Orlando. Every year many adults and children, who are willing to play tennis, come here to start.

  • 1 Mission

    ‐ to prove that only healthy lifestyle and self-improvement promotes continuous personal development,
    and that is the only way to succeed and reach your goals

  • 2 Goals

    ‐ to give student-athletes professional-level training to achieve physical and mental growth, progress and enrichment
    ‐ to create atmosphere where all our guests and clients feel comfortable and protected

  • 3 Years

    of working in sport industry

  • 4 Seasons

    during the year. We accept athletes and guests all year long

  • 7 facilities

    to provide best infrastructure

  • 9 special location

    visited by our guests and athletes during 1 Trip

  • 15 countries ESTA

    is working with

    20 Best Professionals working everyday, before, during and after your trip, to bring unforgettable experience to you


Countries visited ESTA


History of the company

ESTA Incorporated founded in 2010 in the beautiful city of Orlando (Florida). Main function of the company was tennis school. Many local kids and adults came here to start learning tennis at recreational level. ESTA organized their first small international tennis camp in 2013. Since then, ESTA started to focus on big events as tennis camps and fitness tours.

In 2014, ESTA accepted more than 70 kids from around the world. Today our international Camp is open to professional tennis players and kids, who never played tennis before. We have unique approach to every individual and confidence to reach their goals.

Since we do accept professional tennis players, we have built small professional program for athletes, who is planing to dedicate their lives to professional tennis. Our professional program is limited to 5 players and we refuse to expand it.

Florida is Mecca for professional and recreational Tennis players. Best Tennis Academies are located in this state. We are trying to differentiate ourself from others by applying unique approach to every customer. ESTA have many partners around the world and planing to grow globally. One of our biggest partners is World Class. It is the biggest chain of luxurious Fitness clubs in Russia. We organize fitness tours and camps for them. Sports are covered in Fitness Tour are :

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Triathlon
  • Crossfit
  • MMA

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